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Tomorrow, I’ll board a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles and approximately six days later I’ll arrive in South Australia.  Okay; no.  It’s more like 28 hours later but with the time difference it will be Tuesday when I land in Adelaide.   I’ll be on the other side of the world in two days.  Now that it’s so close, I’m feeling a range of emotions: excitement; anxiety; elation; fear.  This was the fastest week of my life!

I’ve got a case of my typical pre-trip-blues.  Does this happen to you?  Historically, I’ve felt a lot of anxiety prior to every journey I’ve embarked upon.  I suppose I don’t do well with change and I hate good-byes and even though I know that good-byes today aren’t really good-byes (thank you Mark Zuckerberg!) it can be overwhelming.  If I’m not careful present I can slip into my Worst Case Scenario Girl role with the greatest of ease.  More about her, later.

The mind is a wonderful thing, though.  With time comes the fading away of some memories and for most of us it’s the positive ones that linger and grow.  When I look back at trips I’ve taken and places I’ve lived I can only readily recall those good memories and I have to really dig to find the anxiety and irritants that may have felt more prevalent at the time.  Maybe you’re wondering why I’d dig deep for frustrations, especially as I’m already feeling down; the truth is that by making a conscious choice to reflect on any pre-trip drama that’s come before this current case of cold-feet, I’m reminded of the moments and opportunities in which I’ve felt risk; fear; anxiety and leapt forwards anyway.

So here I go.  I’m jumping!


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